Virtual Makeup Try-On:  An Inspired Makeover Experience

Virtual Try-On

Virtual makeup try-on tools open a world of limitless makeup possibilities. L’BRI’s Virtual Try-On tool will revolutionize your beauty shopping Lip experience. Dive into L’BRI’s shopping cart, where choosing the perfect Lipstick, and Lip Glaze shades is effortless and empowering, leaving no room for regrets.

L’BRI’s Virtual Makeup Try-On tool launches by featuring L’BRI hydrating lipsticks, luxurious Lip Glazes, and the latest addition to our collection, multidimensional Glam Gloss.  Immerse yourself in a shopping journey where every hue and texture comes to life. Unlock the true beauty potential of your lips, whether you’re aiming for a subtle daytime allure, a captivating evening glamour, or a natural glow.

Virtual Try-On

An Improved Shopping Cart Experience

Enjoy an improved shopping cart experience now that all L’BRI lipstick and Lip Glaze colors are each on single product cart pages; lipstick colors are on one page with all 25 shades, and Lip Glazes can be found on another page with access to all five Lip Glaze shades.  

Functionality that is Functional

You can choose between participating in a live makeup session with your camera, selecting a model to showcase the colors, or simply uploading a photo to explore the experience.

L’BRI’s Virtual Makeup Try-On: 5 Features You’ll Love

1. User-Friendly Interface

Effortlessly navigate through our intuitive interface with just a click.

2. Enlarged Screen

Get a closer look at all the captivating lip colors on an enlarged screen for better visibility and selection.

3. Before/After Split Comparison

Make informed decisions by comparing your looks before and after trying on different shades.

4. Zoom In/Out Functionality

Zoom in or out to explore every intricate detail and find your perfect match.

5. Virtual Makeup Try-On Photo Upload Option

No camera? No problem! L’BRI Virtual Makeup Try-On allows you to upload a photo to see how the shades complement your unique skin tone, and also allows you to share it for additional opinions!

L’BRI’s Virtual Makeup Try-On = Instant Color Confidence

Indulge in the future of makeup shopping with our innovative Virtual Makeup Try-On Tool. Your perfect lip color is just a click away, with no regrets guaranteed.

Please note: While our augmented reality technology strives to accurately represent skin tones, lighting conditions and natural lip hue variations may occur.

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