Start a Side Gig That’s Believably REAL!

Start a side gig that’s Believably REAL! In recent years, there has been a remarkable surge in people everywhere seeking financial opportunities to supplement income through direct selling, utilizing the power of digital and online tools. This trend can be attributed to a multitude of factors. These include the flexibility, financial independence, and empowerment that such ventures offer. In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why women are increasingly drawn to direct selling. We will also explore the digital tools that have revolutionized this industry. When you pair this top side gig with products that offer REAL results, you have a formula for happily ever after. These are the top reasons:

Start a Side Gig with Flexibility

One of the primary motivations for women to start a direct selling business is the flexibility it offers.  Working remotely has always been the way direct selling has worked. Traditional 9-to-5 jobs often come with rigid schedules that can make it challenging for women to balance their personal and professional lives. However, by leveraging digital and online tools, women can create their own schedules, allowing them to work from home, be present for their families, and pursue other personal interests simultaneously. All of this must accompany great products that offer true results from a company that has parallel values and vision.

Start a Side Gig That Can Bring Financial Independence

We all need ways to make extra money: to get out of debt, to pay for sports and music lessons, to save for college tuition or a family vacation. The list is personal and endless. Starting a side gig with L’BRI is not only something women can do for themselves, but it’s also one of the best options for making extra income. Direct selling businesses provide an avenue to achieve financial independence and increased earning potential. Of course, like everything else in life, what you put into it will be what you enjoy from it.

The Power of Digital and Online Tools

E-Commerce Website

Leveraging digital platforms, such as an e-commerce website, can allow female entrepreneurs to reach a wider customer base and expand their business beyond local boundaries. Selling across the country becomes simple. Plus, a Consultant at L’BRI does not pay for the operational cost of having workers pack and ship. 

Social Media Support

In addition, to having an e-commerce store, social media continues to be one of the best options for sharing products – whether you like to be on camera or not.  Image sharing allows family, friends, neighbors, and customers to shop directly and easily. After all, if they feel comfortable buying from big box retailers and online brands, wouldn’t they feel better supporting a business entrepreneur they know?  Of course!

Start a Side Gig with Lower Startup Costs and Risks

Starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business often involves substantial financial investments and inherent risks, plus these entrepreneurs must invest in the traffic to the site, back office managerial work, and marketing the business. In contrast, launching a direct selling business with digital tools requires minimal upfront costs, at L’BRI PURE n NATURAL it’s only $49.99 for a starter kit + $9.95 for a monthly website activation and maintenance fee. The low-risk nature of direct selling businesses enables interested parties to test the waters before committing fully, minimizing potential losses.

Community and Support

Digital tools have facilitated the creation of online communities and support networks for anyone involved in direct selling. Online platforms, such as social media groups, forums, and webinars, enable direct sellers to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and seek guidance on different topics, selling, presentation skills, online and digital tools, customer service, growth strategies, and more. These communities foster a sense of belonging, provide mentorship opportunities, and offer valuable resources to aid in business growth.

Enhanced Marketing and Sales Opportunities

Digital and Online Tools

Digital and online tools have revolutionized marketing and sales strategies for direct selling businesses. Women can leverage social media platforms to build personal brands, engage with customers, and promote your products effectively. At L’BRI, our app allows our Consultants to share created content and share-based topics using youraudience’s content preferences. This tool enables us to create compelling content, reach a larger audience, and build an online presence giving our consultants a competitive edge.

Data Analytics

Additionally, at L’BRI, our data analytics tools allow them to view insights into customer behavior and preferences, enabling them to tailor your offerings accordingly.

Personal Development and Skill Enhancement

Start a Side Gig to Hone Your Business Skills

Embarking on a direct selling business with digital tools offers women a platform for personal growth and skill enhancement. Managing a business involves honing various skills, including communication, marketing, customer relationship management, and financial management. By actively participating in your direct selling venture, these skills can be acquired and developed, enhancing your overall professional competence.

Start a Side Gig and Get Trusted Support

The growing trend of starting direct selling businesses with digital and online tools highlights the significant benefits and opportunities this industry provides. At L’BRI, our side gig supports our Consultants with flexible work arrangements, financial independence, low startup costs, supportive communities, and enhanced marketing strategies to leverage digital platforms to empower themselves and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.  As the world continues to embrace the digital age, the direct selling industry will continue to be a powerful avenue to thrive, succeed, and make a difference in women’s lives and the lives of others.

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