Makeup for Mature Skin: Top Dos and Don’ts

Makeup for Mature Skin

Let’s create makeup looks that are confident, fearless, and fun! Because when you feel beautiful, anything is possible. Follow these makeup dos and don’ts that can help you look and feel enthusiastic, bright, and beautiful.  


DO Prep Your Skin Properly

Creating a skin care routine for your specific skin type is key. It’s never too late to start. An exfoliated, clean, pH balanced, and moisturized face makes all the difference when creating a beautiful makeup look. Tell us about your skin using L’BRI’s online Skin Care Advisor to get individualized results along with customized product recommendations.

When you create a skin care routine using a L’BRI Basic Skin Care Set you get all the benefits of properly prepped skin: exfoliation rids the face of dull, dead skin cells and brightens your complexion; cleanser perfect for your skin type removes dirt, oil, and leftover makeup; a freshener balances the skin’s pH; and a moisturizer hydrates the skin to create a smooth surface, so makeup goes on smoothly and gently.

X DON’T Overdo It

Makeup for Mature Skin 101: less is always more. Bringing your natural beauty forward should be your goal. If you tend to wear a lot of makeup, start simply and build. Follow these dos and don’ts and you’ll find a balance that makes you look and feel confident, naturally.

DO Choose the Best Lighting

When applying makeup natural light is always the best choice. We’ve all applied makeup in a stark fluorescent-lit room and discovered later it was far too much. Pull a mirror up to your favorite window and allow the indirect sun to light your way. Everyone looks better in natural light. If the sun has set, use a warm white LED bulb. It’s the closest thing to natural light.


Makeup for Mature Skin: Foundation and Concealer

X DON’T Apply Too Much Foundation

Too much layering will look unnatural and heavy. When applying foundation, start with a single, thin layer and then build only on the areas that need more coverage. Blend well to help your foundation appear seamless.  

DO Apply Upward and Outward

Pulling your skin downward every day gives gravity the upper hand. Get your circulation going to help your foundation disappear into your skin. Using a foundation brush, start at the base of your neck and work toward the jawline using upward motions. Then sweep outward from chin to ears, then up from nose to cheekbones, temples and forehead in a big C-shaped motion.


DO Carry a Makeup Sponge in Your Purse

Make midday touchups quick and easy. Simply spray a Flawless Blending Sponge with Hydrating Antioxidant Face Mist. Gently dab the sponge over your makeup. Use the tip of the sponge to clean up around your eyes. Your makeup will look and feel fresh in a flash.  

X DON’T Use Too Much Concealer

Heavy concealer may hide dark circles, but it can also highlight the wrinkles and lines around your eyes.

DO Use a Creamy Concealer Formula

L’BRI’s moisturizing formula ensures natural coverage that won’t crack, look cakey, or feel heavy.



DO Use Bronzer

Bronzer gives the skin a natural warmth. For women over 50, it also creates natural definition. Sweep under the cheekbones, brush down each side of the nose, across the top of the forehead near the hairline, and on the jawline. Be careful, too much bronzer can end up looking unnatural. Sweep just enough product onto your skin to warm it up, not change the color.   

DO Blend Bronzer Well

Blending is the key to getting professional-looking results. Use a fluffy brush and blend until you get the result you want.

DO Wear Blush

Makeup for mature skin includes products that bring out your inner glow. Blush instantly transforms your cheeks with a youthful flush. Choose a natural color that most accurately resembles your normal flushed cheeks. Stay away from blushes that are too bright or too shimmery.  A crème blush formula will create a light, dewy, fresh glow.

X DON’T Smile When Applying Blush

Smiling lifts the cheeks and wrinkles the eyes. If you need a guide, simply suck in your cheeks. This technique makes it easier to apply contour and blush on the cheekbones correctly.



DO Create Natural Brows

Makeup for mature skin includes creating full, natural-looking brows that frames the face and are never too harsh. Start by defining the top of your arches using thin hair-like strokes, then fill-in your existing eyebrows. If your brows are thinning or no longer present, use the same technique to create a new one. When creating the tail of your brow remember to draw out, not down.   

✓ Don’t Over Pluck

Try to keep the natural shape of your eyebrows by tweezing only stray hairs and trimming longer ones. If you do this after a shower the hairs will be much easier to remove.



✓ DO Use Lash Primer

Primer helps lashes look fuller and longer while adding volume and thickness, even before you apply mascara.

X DON’T Wear Heavy Mascara

Heavy mascara application brings attention to the wrinkles below your eyes, especially if applied to your bottom lashes. Instead, focus your wand toward your top outer lashes. This technique brings attention directly to your eyelashes and not your skin.


DO Use Makeup Remover

Using soap to remove mascara can damage your lashes due to the harsh rubbing required to remove it completely. A makeup remover is gentle enough to remove makeup for mature skin and requires very little effort to get your lashes clean.


Makeup for Mature Skin: Lipstick

DO Create Balance

Lips tend to get thinner and lose their color over time, so lipstick is important. You can create a fuller, more balanced look by applying lipstick in four separate strokes. Always start from each of the four outer corners of your mouth and draw towards the Cupid’s bow or to the center of the bottom lips. Finally, use a lip brush to slightly diffuse the edges for a softer look.

X DON’T Use Dark Lipstick Shades

Dark colors make lips appear smaller. Choose a bright, rich color in your favorite shade.

X DON’T Erase Your Lips

If you’re looking for the perfect nude lipstick, choose a shade that is slightly lighter or darker than your natural lip color. If the color matches too closely, it could make you appear pale and washed out.

DO Take Care of Your Lips

As we age our skin tends to get drier. That includes our lips. Keep yours fresh and healthy by using Lip Rescue Overnight Lip Masque.


Makeup for Mature Skin Starts with Skin Care

X DON’T Fall Asleep in Your Makeup.

Cleanse the daily makeup, dirt, and impurities away with an Aloe-First Skin Care Trio. Committing to a daily skin care routine can help your skin look healthier, and younger-looking for decades to come.

DO Take Care of Your Skin

Treat your complexion to Believably REAL Results with our Turn Back Time Collection. These three power-packed formulas, when used on the face and neck as directed, can lead to firmer, smoother, younger-looking skin.

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